Website Design and Development Agency


I worked Independently on user experience and strategy projects at Bit Palette. The work during my time here is currently under nda.  to tide you over, Check out these cool icons i made and Some highlights of my work :


Design Icon.png

User Research

  • Solicited interviewees through facebook groups who voluntarily participated in an artist study.
  • Synthesized recorded usability tests for a program that helps the environment and determined that despite users' awareness of conservation, users didn't care to change their ways unless it affected them and participation in the program were contingent on how it would really benefit them.
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  • Generated paper and Sketch wireframes producing 3 design concepts for an architecture company website re-design.
  • Proposed a re-design for Bit Palette's company website and created content to reflect the new direction of the company.


  • Cultivated the future direction of Bit Palette from web development (short term work) to business consultancy (long term projects with small business and startups).
  • Crafted a cohesive system of services and offerings to help individuals grow their businesses. 


Anubhav Jain - Owner and Principal at Bit Palette

"Diana’s attention to detail is visible not only in her portfolio and website, but also exemplary during her internship with me in her work conducting interviews, planning projects, and organizing materials. She is a quick learner, and her ability to follow process helps her stand out from other designers and give her the ability to discover valuable insights in her research. She is an independent worker who takes both initiative and guidance equally comfortably. She’s just getting started as a designer and I’m excited to see her grow over the coming years not only as a skillful designer but also a leader."