Project SF Pole & Dance 


Project Scope

2 weeks | Solo project

Role | UX Designer

Tools | Sketch, SquareSpace

Methods | User Research, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, Content Strategy



SF Pole & Dance ( recently moved into a new and improved space and expanded to include more types of classes and services. The studio's aesthetic also changed along with the logo. I was tasked with improving the usability of the website. 


To re-design the website to match the new look and feel and provide content strategy to deliver more relevant information to the potential user. 

Designing With The Right User In Mind

SF Pole & Dance has been in operation since 2016 and has a sizable student base. In speaking to the current student base, I learned that they don't remember the last time they visited the website and go straight to Mindbody, an online booking system, to manage their class schedules and pay for their classes/memberships. Though new students are not necessarily the majority, bringing in new students is essential to a growing business. In doing usability testing on the site, it became apparent that a studio's website is often the first touchpoint to a new user. 

Landing Page Re-design

Landing Page - Before & After Post.png

Key Improvements


Hero Image Saves The Day 

Before - Upon entering the site, this is what you would see. The studio name and logo lives below the the fold. The main photo is truncated.

Above The Fold - Before .png

After - The studio name and logo lets the user know that they have arrived at the SF Pole & Dance website. The hero images rises up and showcases the impressive studio space. 

Above The Fold - After Post.png

learn about the classes

This section was added to the landing page. Listing out the types of classes and photos help a potential student quickly grasp an understanding of what the studio offers. They can explore further by seeing class descriptions. 

Classes Added Post.png

Class Descriptions By Class Type 

Before - Users found the initial class description page to be an exhaustive list of classes listed alphabetically. "It's a lot of information". It was also inaccurate. Users were not reading through it unless prompted further. 

Class Descriptions - Before.png

After - Classes were sorted into categories: Pole, Silks, Lyra, Floorwork, Chair, Acroyoga, Handstands, Flexibility, Open Studio. They were also anchored so that the user could easily explore each type by clicking on the categories without scrolling through the entire page to find what they were looking for. 

Class Descriptions - After.png

Tell Me More About The Party!


  • Sparse Information - The party information page doesn't give a lot of detail about what the user would get or what they would expect. 
  • Countless E-mails - The studio would receive e-mails with questions requesting more information about the party as well as exchange countless e-mails about scheduling before a party was booked. In an attempt to allow users to schedule the party themselves, the user could "Book Your Party Now". After a few months, this exchange had not improved. 
  • Basic Package Requested - According to the studio owner, most users were only requesting the basic package anyway. 


  • "Book Your Party Now" Button Removed - Since parties are a high value offering, it made sense to keep the customer touch points to be personal. 
  • Detailed Package Descriptions - Each package now include detailed descriptions of what the user could expect with each package and the itinerary of the event.
  • "Aerial Silks Package" Added - With the introduction of aerial silks to the studio, the package became a new offering. 


Overall, I have improved the usability and overall experience of the website. In the month following the re-design, unique visitors increased by 4.5%, and total page views by 23.3%. Going forward, I would take the visual design to the next level, bring in more high quality photos and to test/re-design the other pages of the website. 

Designed Social Media Campaigns

I served as the studio manager managing the day-to-day and for the big studio move. I also managed social media accounts by advertising new classes and offerings, special workshops and showcases increasing enrollment and ticket sales from Facebook and Instagram followers which comprised of both the current student base and the larger pole dance community. Here are selected campaigns I created:

Aerial Silks - SM.jpg
Sergia - Workshops - SM.jpg

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